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Meet our Founders!

Kyle Klosowski

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"I was Raised by a single mother who lived off of disability, growing up with the bare minimum         defiantly affected the way I looked at life. Many have a hard life but instead of excuses I tried to   learn from those who had more than me. My first real job was at a small family owned Italian restaurant in South Florida called NYPD (New York Pizza Department) I can honestly say this is where I met my first mentor James. James had a way with words he could make anyone feel as if they were family but it was more of a Job skill then his actual personality, watching him I quickly grew from a 

delivery driver to head manager. James eventually gave me the opportunity to purchase the place as he wanted to expand, faced with the decision to devote my life to a restaurant I chose to decline as my heart was in the motorcycle industry. I decided to pack and move to Orlando in order to chase my dream and attend MMI. I worked at night and attended school during the day, renting a room, still not having enough for food I struggled for two years until I eventually Graduated. After Obtaining my degree I moved back home to finally pursue my career as a motorcycle technician, bouncing from shop to shop I realized I was never going to make enough money to live the lifestyle I wanted. After visiting the drawing board, I decided to open Motorcycle Maniacs in hopes to live out my dream while making decent money! Over the course of many years, I mastered the business operations and went on to own one of the largest EBay Stores for used motorcycle Parts to date. In 2016 I Sold Motorcycle Maniacs and Made my First Million. After Taking Time OFF I Went onto Create Cycle World LLC replicating the systems I learned throughout the years. Today my motorcycle Dealership is self-sufficient, I own multiple properties and enjoy financial freedom. A few years ago I Learned what credit could do for me and with the knowledge I now I have I look back realizing even though I was successful I could have done more in less time if I had used credit to my advantage! With loans I wouldn't have had to save or struggle to get through school, with good credit I would have paid less for the cars I purchased even saved on move in costs and insurance. They say smart people learn from their own mistakes but the wise learn from others, Be Wise and Learn from my years of experience and gain from my experience through the consulting packages our company offers.

Shawn Sharma

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My parents were immigrants who came to the US 30 years ago with nothing to their name but the American dream. I grew up in a humble upbringing living in a trailer park and many of my friends never even graduated high school. My parents were educated in India but coming to the US, they were financially depressed and struggled to get comparable jobs in the US. My mother interviewed for teaching jobs at Stanford but was injured in a medical accident where her esophageal nerves were torn and she has been disabled for 30 years. My father was a Doctor but it was hard to sit down and study for 3 months when there were hungry children and bills needed to be paid. My father worked menial labor jobs but he never let our family feel that we wanted for anything. Given my upbringing, I always worked hard and I knew education was going to be my ticket to a 

secure financial future. I worked hard in high school and I took advantage of every opportunity I had. I got a full ride to a Math & Science boarding school where I took the hardest classes and got accepted to all the top schools in the country. I attended Cornell University where I excelled and ended up at the top of my class and got a scholarship to attend medical school. Like my mother, my father had also struggled with health issues and he passed away my last semester at Cornell, however, I finishing graduating and began working in order to support my family. I had a gap year before attending medical school and during that year I began my journey into business. While at Cornell, to save money and be able go fly back and forth between college and home in Alabama, I learned and began maximizing credit card rewards and airline miles. During college, credit card arbitrage was a side gig, but once I graduated it became one of my main sources of income. It took me 4 months to go from making 2-3k a month in credit card rewards to begin making that daily. The first deal I maximized was using a 5% cash back credit card at grocery stores, that I had ramped up to where I was spending 60k a day and netting $2300 daily. I saved this money for the remainder of my gap year and I was able to invest 6 figures into a 30 property airbnb portfolio me and 3 partners started from scratch. By the time I went to medical school, I was making 10k a month passively and was set to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. However, not all businesses go as planned, and due to poor planning, lack of experience, our properties had some red months and became cash flow negative. During this time period due to having thin reserve capital, we went bankrupt and I was forced to leave medical school going from having 300k net worth to begin 400k in debt. Since leaving, I went back to focusing on credit card arbitrage and over the course of the last 3 years I paid back my debt and built a dozen businesses and  mid 7 figures in net worth. Over the course of my business and entrepreneur journey, credit has been critical if not necessary. If my parents had the knowledge I do now, when they came to the US they would have been able to get equivalent jobs in the US. If I had not known about credit, I wouldn’t have been able to get a world class education leveraging student loans. If I had not know about credit, I wouldn’t have been able to even do credit card arbitrage or start a number of the 20+ businesses I started with Zero money out of my pocket. Credit has been major pillar behind my success, and that’s why I am so passionate about making sure people have the same opportunities that I did. 

Umesh Agarwal

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Umesh Agarwal has collected high-level knowledge and tactics related to Credit that are too powerful to be shared publicly for his students to use in their business and life. Umesh has earned 7 figures from using credit cards for arbitrage (manufactured spending) and he has built a number of online businesses including earning 8 figures from his online brands and high ticket coaching packages.  Umesh also runs a credit repair and funding agency and teaches students how to start and excel at credit repair and funding. Umesh excels in his field due to his unconventional approach to business where he thinks extensively outside of the box - a trait he developed over the last 5 years as he dominated the credit card arbitrage game. In the next 5 years, Umesh looks forward to building a 100 million dollar brand 

with Kyle Klosowski & Shawn Sharma, while also giving back to other aspiring business owners /entrepreneurs by directly coaching thousands of students, running educational events for the community, and changing the way education works in the US. 


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